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I am a visual artist living and working in Tampere. I make art with different sculpture and painting techniques.

The starting points of my art are in mental landscapes, in the surrounding nature and in everyday being. I work by stopping an idea into a concrete form or image and giving the subconscious a free hand to find something hidden. As the work process progresses, something is revealed that I did not know about but that already existed.


Ideas and insights usually occur when moving in nature, for example, when watching the flow of water or the light movements of clouds. The material in my works starts with an idea that requires a certain material to reinforce the expression: stone, wood, natural fiber, ceramics, recycled materials.

My works are one person’s experience of the world of mind in relation to the world around them or just a glimpse of a moment I get to share.

© Mirjami Tölli 2024

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